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nüümü wia-nü logo design challenge

Excited to share that my logo design was chosen to be featured in an upcoming lecture series being hosted by the Bishop Paiute Tribe: “Nüümü Wia-Nü” (meaning “Paiute Ways” or “Our People’s Ways”). I was inspired by our valley, including the infamous Mt. Tom and our sacred water, as well as our historic petroglyphs and tradition of basket weaving.

(Originally published by the Bishop Paiute Tribe in their December 2022 Newsletter; competition hosted by the Owens Valley Paiute Shoshone Cultural Center.) In October, the Cultural Center launched a logo design challenge to incorporate the following theme by Mitchell David, "NUMA WAYS", translated to "NÜÜMÜ WIA-N​Ü," the "People's Way" and/or the "Indian Way". After an anonymous vote (designer's name was not revealed) by our collaborators: Owens Valley Indian Water Commission, Nuumu Yadoha Language Program, Tuniwa Nobi Family Literacy Program, and White Mountain Research Center, the following placed 1st and 2nd respectively: Justin Charles Cozad and Leticia Gonzales, both of the Bishop Paiute Tribe. Congratulations to our winners! The winning logo will be used for upcoming outreach programs to begin soon. Further information to follow.

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