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My mission as 3rd District Supervisor is built upon three pillars:

Read Kody's Response to the Inyo County Employees Association

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The Economy

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The Environment

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Law Enforcement

We need to make our communities and businesses more attractive to local residents as well as tourists.

  • While the idea of shopping local is great, it is not necessarily realistic for many residents to do it consistently.

  • As a community, we need to find ways to bring relief to our residents from the high cost of living in a tourist area, while at the same time supporting and promoting our local businesses.

  • We also need to create affordable housing and additional job opportunities that lead to long-term career development.

  • To achieve this, we need more innovation and collaboration across all of our communities, including across the various districts and tribal reservations.

It is essential that we protect, preserve and respect our land, wildlife, and natural resources.

  • I believe we can establish an equilibrium between building a strong economy around tourism and ensuring these same areas used to promote tourism are preserved and protected for future generations to enjoy in all their natural beauty.

  • We need to collaborate with our local business partners and organizations to achieve this economic-environmental balance.

  • This should be a priority for us all, within District 3, and beyond.

Our local law enforcement agencies have a vast territory to serve and protect.

  • This creates unique challenges for our officers and other law enforcement professionals, as does serving differing communities with varying needs.

  • To improve the service and protection these agencies are able to provide, we need more oversight, support, and funding for law enforcement agencies to ensure they are able to meet the needs of our communities within District 3, the town of Bishop, and other regions in Inyo County.

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