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“I will strive to bring back trust and

respect for the Tribal Council.”

Provide Greater Transparency and Accountability

  • I will press to keep you and the tribal community more fully informed so that you will better understand what the Tribal Council is doing and how its decisions will affect you and your family.

  • The Tribal Council is put in place by the General Council and must act in the best interests of the Tribe at large. Greater transparency will enable you and the General Council to hold the Tribal Council accountable and ensure it is acting in your favor.

  • All voices must be heard. I will ensure that a line of communication is always open between myself and tribal members.

Ensure Clear Separation Between Tribal Council and Tribal Court 

  • It is imperative to maintain a clear separation of powers between the Tribal Council and the Tribal Court.

  • The Tribal Court must be free to deliberate issues and arrive at decisions without any undue influence. 

Recognize Tribal Employees and Protect Their Rights 

  • The Tribe can ill afford the large turnover of tribal employees that have recently occurred. I strongly believe it is time to see all employees for what they are—valuable assets who contribute to the success and well-being of our community—and treat them accordingly.

  • I will not tolerate bullying. I will do my part to ensure that the Tribal Council acts in an ethical manner in its dealings with employees of the Tribe.

  • All employees must be able to work in a harassment-free environment and feel free to voice their concerns without fear of intimidation or retaliation.

Secure More Funding for Elder and Youth Programs

  • Our elders are the key to our past and our young people are the key to our future. 

  • As such, I would work to secure more funding for programs for the elders and educational opportunities for the young. 

Advocate for a Local Recovery Treatment Center

  • I will advocate for the building of a Recovery Treatment Center on the Bishop Paiute Reservation, which incorporates traditional wellness programs.

  • If we hope to see our loved ones successfully recover from their addictions, we must give them the tools and resources to do so at home.

Improve Community Relations With the Town of Bishop

  • I will work to improve relations between the tribal community and the greater Bishop community by increasing our visibility and fostering an appreciation for the cultural diversity of our native people in this beautiful valley we call home.


In working with and for you to achieve these goals, I will strive to bring back trust and respect for the Tribal Council so that it can more effectively move forward and allow the Tribe to realize its full potential.

Make Joyce Your Choice


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